Low traffic Neighbourhood – Step 2 – the Campaign

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  1. Nicky says:

    All good in principle, but Camden Road is Camden Road. Not Camden Street. It’s a ‘Bath thing’

  2. David Kernek says:

    The LTN is a fine idea, but I’m not convinced that models such as Walthamstow – a very large London borough with a population estimated at 276,000 – helps a relatively small town such as Bath. Have any other London boroughs tried it? Have the Lib Dems – always highly selective when presenting evidence – picked on the only urban area that’s done it? Has lighter traffic for Walthamstow impacted adversely parts of neighbouring boroughs?

    There’s certainly far too much traffic on Camden Rd during the rat-run hours, but I doubt that it has ever been or can be a ‘street’, just as London Road has been or can ever be a ‘community’. These are, I think, delightfully romantic concepts. They are essentially thoroughfares comprising blocks in which small groups of friends/neighbours comprise micro-communities.

  3. Nicky says:

    Volume is not the only issue as we all know. Speed – when achievable – is equally dangerous. I’ve recently had to spend my days travelling to RUH and back. Weston Road is a 20 zone and is regularly policed with speed traps. People know that. They crawl along. They have been caught. It is a deterrent. Why not up here ? Right now they are going past my house at at least 35mph.

    • Michael Levy says:

      I totally support the LTN but it will take time and anyway is not on its own a remedy for the speeding problem. So I will also support any push for speed cameras on Camden Road and other ways of enforcing the limit.

  4. admin says:

    For some ‘street’ has more of a community sound to it but if it means other things to others it is probably not that helpful.

    There’s four more important themes coming up. Let’s start with ‘thoroughfares’. That’s a nice word, and probably far less emotive than ‘rat-run’. It links up two places with a road. The LTN is a neighbourhood by definition. With a busgate on Camden Road there is no thoroughfare between Claremont, at the very minimum, and Lansdown Road. Therefore the only motorised vehicles passing through the thoroughfare are buses. Everything else is making short journeys in and back out of the neighbourhood – not through it. These will be, in the main, done by residents or those serving residents.

    Comparability of Waltham Forest and Bath. The Mini Holland project covered four Walthamstow villages. These in fact constitute an area 25% of the size of Bath. I have a scale diagram comparing the two. However the levels of through traffic were probably higher as commuter traffic aiming for the inner London boroughs from the arterial roads and North Circular were using rat-runs through Walthamstow. Two other boroughs attempted the concept but they were not bold enough and did not succeed. Yes displacement is likely pushing traffic to the main roads but so is modal shift away from private motorised vehicles.

    It is readily acknowledged that Camden Road behaves in two ways: as a ‘stop start’, congested road with high acceleration in peak times and a temptingly fast route at off peak times. Hence the well known speeding figures – 65% of drivers speeding each day. Our application for two vehicle activated ‘slow down’ signs has temporarily stalled but is being pursued actively with the help of our local councillors.

    Enforcement – feels essential now and we’re getting another assessment done early next month by Avon Police. If the LTN happens then this should be a tiny issue.

    A lot of this is covered in our LTN 20+ Q&As in the LTN section of our web-site.

  5. Nicky says:

    We will manage improvement in the end. Speed enforcement necessary. I don’t know if it’s possible to get satnav operators to desist from saying ‘take Camden Road, traffic low’. The clean air act will stop at least some of the Travis Perkins type users who snarl us up. The London Road needs to be sorted too. But of course this has all been discussed and I know and appreciate that much in-depth study has been undertaken by you. Appreciated. You are right – Camden Road is a thoroughfare and should be, to allow this City and the communities within to thrive. By making it a tad less easy to speed up here from 7.15am and from 6.14pm, we may push traffic back down the hill. I find, as a user, the 20 mph on full Weston Road a nuisance – particularly past Victoria Park. It’s not like this Road. BUT, as a stressed driver, I have occasionally gone back down to the Bristol road as I can at least do 30 there. As one of my neighbours said,”people don’t unlearn a short-cut” until forced to think about it. And satnav-lazy drivers aren’t helping. N.

  6. ca says:

    When can we expect an article in the Local-Look about this ? also are any widely publicised local meetings in Fairfield Larkhall claremont area and Snowhill planned ? Not met a single resident or business who is aware of it.