Liveable Neighbourhood

Walthamstow Village – reputedly ‘one of London’s most advanced liveable neighbourhood schemes’ – ref Living Streets


A Liveable Neighbourhood (LN) is a 2020 Council initiative, which includes three elements: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Residential Parking, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points.

This section of the web-site is a collation of past material related to our consideration of an LTN for Camden initially but also within the context of NE Bath.

Document Library

As a starting point the Chairman’s Report from our 2019 AGM. It is an animated presentation and has a rather large file size but hopefully it is worth the wait whilst it downloads!

More detail and setting the vision is included in the first three pages of our 2019 November Newsletter.

At the AGM there were two shows of hands which showed that, of those present including our local councillors, they were very much in favour of the concept and they urged us to work at pace. There is more detail here. The LTN concept can still seem terribly airy fairy so we’ve produced a set of 20+ questions and answers which covers most the issues we have come across so far and gives a better idea of what is being considered at this stage.

There is also some material produced by ‘Living Streets’ which is useful guidance too:

We are also now aware of the amazing pioneering work done by Waltham Forest Council over five years and we’ve got some links here to their work below:

Oxfordshire Living Streets is also well underway and hosted a conference on October 15th, 2019. There are some links to that day below:

Encouraging Active Transport

  • Here’s an interesting short video featuring Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands on 61 walk to school schemes from the Living Street’s 2019 National Walking Summit. We really could do with this sort of skill, prominence and energy here in Bath.
  • It seems that all the major cities with mayors are also appointing a ‘Walking and Cycling Commissioner’. Manchester has Chris Boardman, MBE. Surely Bath University or Bath Rugby has an alumnus or alumna who could do this?
  • Here’s an exhilarating TED talk from 2013 about creating shared spaces, giving priority to street life for pedestrians and cyclists across New York City.

B&NES Information

CRA posts and opinions

Here is a list of the blog-posts we have published since March 2019 on the subject:

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