Our purpose

Our purpose is pretty simple. We’re about just four things.  Being Camden, they all begin with ‘C’.

We are here to Champion this wonderful neighbourhood of Camden.  We will celebrate it, talk about it, show it off, promote it.  We think it’s the best area of Bath in which to put down roots and take part.  We’ll show people why.

We help Connect people together.  To form relationships, to help create a deeper sense of community.  To help build ‘social capital’ across the neighbourhood.

We Contribute.  Everything we do is done by volunteers, freely giving their time, and occasionally money.  We will always be net givers.  All we ask from the community we represent is for people to be similarly generous.  If you have an idea, a skill, or just some time and enthusiasm – you can play a valuable role.

And occasionally we Campaign.  Now and then there are of course things we need to push for as a community.  When we do, we will add our weight by speaking with one, clear, loud voice.  We know from experience that this works.

This is what we call ‘4C Camden’ – and pretty much in this order of importance.

If you’d like to support us, it’s very simple – just do what we do. Get in touch, roll your sleeves up, and take part.  Together we can make a difference.  And have some good fun along the way.