Works to Camden Road

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  1. Nicky maine says:

    This is great. Thank you all. Am assuming there will be access for residents through. Fantastic add-ons.

    • John Long says:

      Hi Nicky – I spoke to the highways engineer overseeing the works today and the plan is that the road will be closed from 7am (diversions will be signposted) and will re-open by 7pm each day during the 4 day closure period. Parking after 7pm should therefore be possible, so long as cars are gone by 7am. Cheers.

  2. Michael Levy says:

    Great to see the various measures. Thanks to all involved.

  3. Moira Young says:

    Thank you so much for your untiring work to make our community safer and more pleasant! This is a good solid result!

  4. Olivia says:

    Can you supply a link to show where the signs etc will be located? I’ve searched on the council website but can’t find it.

    • John Long says:

      Hi Olivia – I haven’t been able to find a nice handy plan either, I’ve had to rely on descriptions from emails. Sorry!

  5. Nicky says:

    Thank you. I have a driveway. Lucky me. I also have a husband in RUH who is very poorly but due home and needs visiting etcI need to use my car. I’m assuming Gay’s Hill down to London Road and Charlcombe up to Lansdown.

  6. Tim says:

    Thanks John — useful additions. I have lost sight of all that is planned but I trust that some sensible speed bumps are part of it.

    On a practical point, if the work does run to four days then that impacts recycling on the 28th. I can’t see anything about Camden Rd disruption on the BaNES site — have you any info on that?

    • John Long says:

      Hi Tim – yes, speed bumps are being re-furbished so that they provide a bit more of a deterrent. As for bins, the intention is that the marshals manning the road closure will allow the bin trucks to proceed through and do their normal collections. Cheers!

  7. Malcolm Barton says:

    Thanks for all the trouble that you have taken. Getting my car out of my garage in Prospect Place may be a problem when the work is underway but I will find out the times when that will be impossible from those working there. Where will the Camden Road buses 6&7 run during this period which we use more often than the car?

    • John Long says:

      Thanks, Malcolm. Yes, I expect the on-the-ground team will be able to advise on that one. As for the buses, they will follow diversions, and they normally post notices on the stops 48 hours beforehand to advise of diversion routes. Cheers.

  8. Joy Russell says:

    I’m so pleased that our Road is to be cleaned up and taken care of. Sometimes at the moment it seems as though people use the road as a race track! Many thanks.
    Is there any chance that the alleyway between Camden Road and Arundel Road could be worked on? The steps are very high and uneven …some. steps much higher than others etc. Difficult for mothers with small children and the elderly.

    • John Long says:

      Thanks, Joy. Thank you for your encouragement. I know that alleyway. It won’t be the sort of work to be undertaken in this initial round of works, but I will add it to my list and see if we can get some action on this in future works. Cheers.