CAZ plans revealed

4 Responses

  1. Colin Carlin says:

    What about Camden residents with older, non qualifying cars who want to go down to Waitrose or to the Railway Station etc.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Colin. I’ll ask Mark Shelford later this morning.

      • admin says:

        I think I saw you queuing in Waitrose as I passed to see Mark Shelford about your case and life in Camden post CAZ. He said you will have to pay £9 to do your shop if you want to use your car. He also suggested that car clubs are being encouraged. Typically these will cost £50 annual fee and about £3.50 per hour. He also asked if you have a blue disability badge which could give you an exemption.

        My suggestion is you have two years to consider swapping your car for a good quality 2006 Fiesta (currently available at £500, but bound to go up) and drive to Waitrose as you do now. Machiavellian and regressive but a loop hole which looks un-pluggable.

  2. Colin Carlin says:

    Oh well the Taxis will benefit. I don’t think I want a Fiesta thanks! An underhand way to price out old residents!