Are we being softened up by the Council…

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  1. Nigel Sherwen says:

    Ideally the CAZ should be drawn wider, but even as proposed it should prevent some of the ways to bypass the zone. I have looked at “Clean Air 4 Bath’ page. There are many good pieces of advice to reduce emissions from vehicles and if more people did most of these things it would I am sure make a difference. It is interesting to see the note that inside a car you are likely to experience 12 times more pollution than walking, presumably unless you recycle the air within the vehicle. This needs more publicity. There is nothing about reducing pollution from the “school run”, which studies have shown is a major contributor to the amount of car traffic. I would hope the revenue for entering a zone with a chargeable vehicle go towards subsidising public transport locally. As always there is encouragement to cycle, but the recent introduction of an Advisory Lane at Weston Road by Victoria Park just doesn’t do anything to make cyclists feel safer. Virtually all vehicles I have seen here drive in it as though it wasn’t there, particularly when something comes the other way. The solution here is to remove the parking on the opposite side of the road which would provide adequate width.