Exhalation from BreATHe

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  1. Christopher Routledge says:

    Very pleased that action may be taken to substantially reduce pollution in Bath. Yes, we must all be on board for this. Important to ensure the knock on effects such as the possible creation of new rat runs are fully understood and accounted for.

  2. As a CRA, we need to reflect the views of our residents. As a first step, each of the 10 committee members is being asked where, as residents, they stand on the two options:
    1. Small or extended zone
    2. High emissions cars made chargeable.
    The current position after six votes is unanimously in favour of the extended zone and making high emissions cars chargeable. There are concerns over difficulties that might be caused to some but there is time to ameliorate these if at all possible.
    If you want to make your views known then do reply to this comment.