10 Past Achievements of the CRA

The CRA has achieved a lot for its residents along the street and nearby as well as providing two of our local councillors.  The latest snow brought out the best…


As for the longer term, here is a summary of the CRA’s achievements:

1 Traffic calming: changes and additions to parking layout to reduce traffic speeds
2 Protective bollards: bollards installed to prevent motorists driving along the pavement
3 20 MPH zone: Special consultation to introduce Bath’s first 20 mph zone
4 Resident’s parking zones: 11 and 15
5 Raised zebra crossing in place of ineffective island at Claremont
6 Two bus shelters at Claremont
7 Improved St Stephens steps: vegetation, path, steps and railings repaired
8 Snow wardens: only one of two snow warden schemes and mechanical clearing equipment
9 Caring for Camden litter picking initiatives: on Camden Rd and Camden Crescent
10 Wild Camden:  working parties tidying space below Camden Crescent and St Stephens steps.