If you need help or support

Food supplies

  • Larkhall Shops that deliver, day 1 for day 2:
    • Larkhall Butchers – 01225 313987
    • Larkhall Farm Shop – 01225 319968
    • Goodies Delicatessen – 01225 336033
    • Larkhall Deli – 01225 444634
    • Ma Cuisine – 01225 312959
  • Bath Veg Box Project c/o (includes other staples too)
  • Eades, Julian Road will deliver and has fresh sourdough bread early each day – tel 01225 317319
  • M&S expert advice on freezing fresh food here. Really useful.
  • Waitrose Keynsham was in good shape this morning (19/03/20)
  • Sainsbury’s first hour each day (7am till 8am) is for older shoppers. Details here.
  • A long list (as of 26/03/20) of firms providing a home delivery service. Details here


  • Prescriptions by post made possible. Register here here.
  • If collecting for others, you will need their full name (not nickname) and address, and for ‘controlled drugs’ some proof of their identity – driving licence, utility bill, for example.

Government Advice

  • Here‘s some advice on socially distancing

Council Advice

  • There’s now a dedicated page here.
  • There’s also an article, dated 27/03, for those struggling to understand and adapt to the changes from Cllr Rob Appleyard. Click here.
  • Advice to Bath businesses. Click here.

3SG – Requesters and Volunteers

Here is a copy of our signed copy of the Compassionate Communities Charter signed by the Chair on behalf of the Association on 19/03/20:

Here is their first email (20/03/20) to us as fully signed up members.

Here is the manual, published 01/04/20, which all requesters and volunteers should read. The volunteers need to fill in the online form referenced in the manual to ensure they are protected from any liability claims.

Volunteers should then receive by email a signed certificate. In the case of a stricter lock-down it will authorise them to be using public spaces.

The Police

Reporting breaches of social distancing to help them prioritise their efforts – click here